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The Logodesign-Portal

The Logodesign Guide will give you all the necessary information to help you create good logos. There are many little aspects that make up a good logo, but there are also many small things that run a logo down.


Logo design is a very extensive subject-matter. There may be lots of pages about it on this website, but this is still just the tip of the iceberg.


I have organized the Logodesign-Guide into chapters to keep it manageable. This way, you can take the whole issue to heart in several steps.


Chapters on the topic of logo design:

1. Logo design Introduction

This introduction to logo design is primarily concerned with advance information, history and terms & definitions on the subject of logo creation and logo desig... 

2. Basic principles

The second chapter is concerned with the basic composition principles of logo design. Here, fundamental rules als principles are explained. 

3. Basic logo elements

In basic logo elements, we deal with the primary figures that are used for logo design, and we will explain the meaning and effects of these figures. 

4. Logo composition

This chapter is about the topic of logo composition. In reference to chapter 3, Basic logo elements, you will learn to properly employ these elements. 

5. Types of Logos

For the sake of clarity, chapter 5 explains the different types of brands and logos. 

6. Idea generation

It's not always easy to come up with a good idea. This chapter deals with methods for idea generation, from briefing to creative methods to abstract elements 

7. Creativity training

Chapter 6 touched on the topic of creative methods for idea generation in logo design. Here, i would like to go into these methods again, but more in detail. 

8. Updating Logos

There are several possible reasons that result in the need for an updated logo. For example, the company could have been sold, or a company could open up new ma... 

9. Logo Evaluation

For logo evaluation, you can consult several well-tried tests, which i'll go into in this chapter. Furthermore, there is a small logo design checklist for logo ... 

10. Techn. Background

This chapter is about the technical background (e.g. printing problems) concerning logo design. There are some things that you should pay special attention to. ...