This website was designed to give you an overview of the topic of logo design. It will be continuously amended, and I'm going to add images, add to new categories and update / expand existing texts.

I've compiled all the information on this website to the best of my knowledge. If you've found a mistake, or if you have any suggestions, please get into contact through the contact form.

Also, if you would like to contribute to the project, please contact me. The general requirements are some spare time and a little know-how, but most importantly the muse to collaborate.

I'm also planning to extend the website, and add other relevant topics related to logo design and graphic design. That includes, for example, typography (fonts and font composition), colours (effects, colour psychology) and much more.

These are the features that I'd like to add in the near future:

  • Logo-Rating directly in the logo gallery.

    Users' logo gallery (including rating)

    Automatic Top10 score of the logos


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