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Find out everything about www.designguide.at in this chapter - why it's about logo design and typography, internal information, book recommendations about logo ... 

Everything about Logo Design!

The Logodesign Guide will give you all necessary information to create good logos. There are many small things that constitute a good Logo-Design. Starting wit... 

Typography in a Nutshell

This extensive chapter is about typography. It contains topics like the history of typography, the setup of a character, font classification, typographic basics... 

Colours and Colour Effect!

On the following pages, you will find everything about colours, the different standard colour systems, and how colour is measured. I will also go into colour ps... 

Graphic Design Knowledge

The following pages will give you information on the topic of graphic design. 



This website was designed to give you an overview on the topics of logo design, typography and colours. I will continuously extend it, add images and categories, and correct and/or amend existing texts.

There's more information on the About page.

At the moment, there are 342 pages with 6834 words providing information about the topics of logo design, typography and colours!

Have fun!